Himalayan Wildlife Foundation

Inspiring conservation, safeguarding nature

Dr Anis-Ur-Rahman

Chief Executive Officer
Himalayan Wildlife Foundation

Himalayan Wildlife Foundation strives to protect nature in it's most natural and pristine state, for this generation now, and for those generation that will follow and reap the benefits of our endeavours.

Mr. Vaqar Zakariya

Co Founder
Himalayan Wildlife Foundation

Our Mission

HWF believes that protection and management of natural and cultural resources in Pakistan will improve the quality of life of the present and future generations. HWF aims to do this by transforming the local economies, behaviours and attitudes to achieve harmony and compatibility between the communities and their environment. HWF works to support and accelerate this process of change by helping the local communities assume ownership and control of their natural resources and heritage, and develop skills required for understanding and management of their environment. The lessons learnt have to be shared within and outside the country to support the development of effective policies and strategies for management of natural and cultural resources in developing countries.


– Provision of high-quality support to the government in the form of  strategic intervention in management and on ground support
– Organization of communities and their empowerment to play an effective role in local development, such that every household receives more effective, efficient, need based social sector services.
– Improvement of the livelihood opportunities for every household especially the poor.
– Enhance human and institutional capacities for poverty alleviation and local development.
– A sustainable organization is in place for managing efficiently the vision and mission and access to opportunities for everyone in the community.