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Flowers Of Margallah Hills National Park

Types And Uses Of Flowers Of The Margalla Hills National Park

Yellow-flowered Strawberry

Scientific name: Duchesnea indica

Perenial prosrate herb. Leaves in a group of 3 Flowers
single, 5-lobed. Fruit red strawberry like, up to 1 cm long.
Flowers from March – May.
Uses: medicinal

Indian Sorrel / Khatti booti

Scientific name: Oxalis cornculata

Annual or perennial creeping herb 5-10 cm tall. Leaves in
group of 3, heart-shaped. Flowers 5-lobed. Fruit capsular.
Flowers from March – December.
Uses: medicinal, leaves are eaten both raw and cooked.


Scientific name: Convolvulus prostatus

Prostrate perennial herb with a woody base
and wavy branches. Leaves stalkless, narrow
and densely hairy.
Flowers from March – April.

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