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Project Description

The Raikot valley, which leads up to Raikot glacier on the north face of Nanga Parbat has been a principal area of activity for Himalayan Wildlife Foundation. The main village in the valley is Tato, and the area of tourist interest is commonly known as Fairy Meadows, a name given by German climbers.

The founders of HWF have been active in the Raikot valley since 1987. The HWF has been formally active in the Raikot Valley since 1992. The HWF supported the environmentally friendly conversion of the, then, remote and unknown location into a thriving and a highly successful business model for tourism development to support local economy and alleviate poverty.

HWF established close informal relationships with the community, which facilitated implementation of development and conservation initiatives. HWF has also assisted the communities in management of forest resources, and development of tourism facilities in an environmentally sound manner. The villagers have formed the Fairy Meadows Society for Development and Protection of Environment, which is registered in district Diamer.

The effort was instrumental in developing the area known to tourists as Fairy Meadows into a thriving campsite area.

The HWF also initiated two small-scale water supply schemes in the local village of Tato. The first was a drinking water supply project, implemented with financial assistance from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF); the second was a larger, irrigation water supply project largely funded and implemented by the local community, with financial and technical support from the HWF.

These projects have helped trigger further development programs and mobilized the local community into initiating other infrastructural and social initiatives.

Project Details

Started: 1992
Status: Inactive

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