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There’s numerous seafood throughout the ocean

There’s numerous seafood throughout the ocean

bottom line : on the a date night, atsumu seems to score his next flings number. authored to your a thin napkin, it scribble a lovely “give me a call” as well as their number. however, another morning atsumu realizes the previous few digits was messed up. along with his amazing speculating knowledge, the guy is able to assume the past step three digits….otherwise just what the guy thinks ‘s the step 3 digits. so what happens when atsumu messages y/n some smutty texts? the guy becomes titled a beneficial pervert.

“Mom, I hope I am going to be okay. I am extremely thrilled to get back and I’ll was my toughest discover a job. Together with I won’t feel by yourself, Shugo will be here too!” Placing the telephone between your head and you can shoulder, you lean as a result of bring your own bag regarding buckle, placing it on to the floor and you can lifting the fresh new handle upwards.

“It actually was bound to occurs mother!” Looking around the latest collection area you destination him. At the least a foot taller than every person from the airport, it is hard to overlook your.

Reading your own mommy mumble an enthusiastic ‘I favor your too’ straight back, your hang-up and you may walk towards your, an enormous look plastered on your own deal with.

From the period of 4 yrs old, your loved ones got packed-up and you will moved on a quiet people from inside the Tokyo. That they had assured you you to swinging might possibly be a great time, as they had been moving across the street to their old high-school family members exactly who took place getting a boy simply 4 years earlier than simply your. As soon as your came across him, the latest hearts on the vision never gone away. Your parents spent a great deal go out along with her, and the thrill, that created there are no chance to get rid of one another. Since you both had elderly, (plus the number of his rejections minimized), you both watched a pleasant friendship bloom.

Letting you move the some thing in the the new apartment, Meian states “You know, their actually quite nice.” The guy drags on your bag when looking within short apartment.

“The cost is additionally a little nice” you sound because you start to unzip your own suitcase, “Brand new landlord realized my personal mothers therefore he was prepared to give some a savings, however, I am going to still have to get a hold of work soon.”

There clearly was a number of fish throughout the water

“You could have simply existed beside me unless you discovered a good occupations,” the guy talks about you since you hands him a heap out of clothing to place regarding the dresser.

“I could possess but I will not…. usually do not genuinely wish to live with your.” you thumb a smile in which he talks about you having mock crime.

“I never told you you one to would not be, however, that provide would-have-been great whenever i try confessing my personal choose to your every week.” Your tsk in the your one which just both beginning to laugh, because you imagine to how frequently your confessed to Meian…and how many times he declined your.

The guy pulls a serious lookup into the their face and also as the guy starts to state anything, their discussion was interrupted because of the his mobile phone ringing.

“I will be right back” your nod, when he simply leaves the room to resolve the call. You begin to look around your own uncovered room, think how to decorate they adequate to perhaps not getting very blank. The remainder of your something could be sent when you look at the next week, and although you did promote considerably with you, you are aware you’re still forgotten certain fundamentals. Since you beginning to build a psychological record regarding what things to get on your 2nd shop trip, Meian goes into the space.

“Therefore, my team would like to hook up from the a club in order to celebrate our very own new season, do you wish to already been?” The guy asks as he treks right up close to your, slinging a supply doing their neck and seeking off on you.

Your slim your face up against his shoulder and look around meet their attention since you state, “Honestly, not. I am tired and i need to finish unpacking too.”

“Zero, zero it’s all right. You are practically the fresh head, you cannot disregard it.“ When he attempts to dispute along with you, you begin again, “It’s fine, In my opinion I’m old enough to learn how-to unpack my personal anything by myself.”

The two of you start to walk into front side of your apartment. Opening the door for your and you may embracing face your, your remember anything “Oh waiting! I needed to supply an additional key of course, if.” Your focus on returning to your room and you may return to new entry holding a gold key with a couple of key stores linked, among a black colored ‘M’ together with most other, a micro images of the two people before you can leftover Tokyo. “We also got you specific sweet secret organizations so that you dont treat it!”

Passing your the key, he holds it and you will smiles “I’ll reduce it? If the things you are the first ever to clean out the secret.”

“Ok, really I’m going to head out. Text myself if you would like one thing all right? I am going to be returning to see you in the near future.” The guy cities the newest keys your gave your in his pouch.

prologue: reunion time!

– this was supposed to reveal more of meian and you may y/n’s friendship, and i was thinking it was fun to enter 🙂

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