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Mammals Of The Margallah Hills National Park

Jungle Cat

Felis chaus

This feline lives and hunts singly, and usually comes out in the late afternoon. It can chase its prey at high speed and can climb trees easily. It usually feeds on rodents and birds, but can also live off insects, reptiles, and small amphibians.

Small Indian Civet

Viverricula Indica

This is a solitary animal that hunts in the late evenings or before dawn. It is omnivorous and digs for insects, rodents and lizards. It can, however, also survive on fruit, berries, starchy roots. Civets can climb trees in search of fruit and bird nests.

Flying Fox

Pteropus gigante

These large fruit‐eating bats roost in big colonies in tall deciduous trees in the summer and in evergreen trees in the winter. They routinely fly up to 20 miles in search of fruiting trees. They also feed on the pollen and nectar of night‐scented flowers, such as those of mango trees, and in the process they help pollinate these trees.

Yellow Throated Marten

Martes flavigula

This medium‐sized mammal is more agile than a monkey and can easily run up and down trees or along branches. It hunts during the day, looking for invertebrates’ and birds’ nest in trees, fallen logs, or cracks in rocks. It likes to eat all kinds of wild berries, cultivated fruit, and is attracted to wild bee hives. 

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